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Metal Roofing Contractors in Madison, WI

Metal Roofing Contractors in Madison

Your home's roof is what protects you and your loved ones from all the elements Mother Nature throws at you. Having a reliable roof means peace of mind for you and your family. Mad City has been repairing and replacing roofs for over a decade. When it comes to protecting your home and loved ones, Mad City is the clear choice. 

When replacing your roof there are a few thing you should know in order to make the best decision. The typical home uses asphalt shingles but there are other options for home roofing. You can select from clay tile, wood shakes, slate or metal. The type you choose should depend on various things but those that are the best give you 15 to 20 years of use with minor maintenance. If you notice the smell of mold or water spots, this may be a sign that you need to replace your roof. Other signs of a malfunctioning roof are buckling and curling that can be seen from outside. Additionally, damaged flashings, missing shingles, loss of granules or the growth of algae can also be seen. When you start to view any of these signs you need to act right away as there are no particular timeline for home roofing problems to go from bad to worse.

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Mad City and the Energy-Loc Stone-Coated Metal Roofing Systems Advantage

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Why should you choose Energy-Loc steel roofing? The answer is right here! 


  • Made with over 30% recycled steel
  • Steel is 100% recyclable
  • Recycles the majority of their waste
  • California Title 24 compliant
  • Qualifies for LEED credits
  • Purchases packaging from vendors who recycle
  • Purchases all of their steel from suppliers who have recycling facilities on site
  • Is highly energy efficient

Important Home Roofing Replacement Advantages

  1. Energy Efficiency – A new metal roof can increase the energy efficiency of your home significantly. A roof in disrepair can add a lot to your energy  bill as it allows your warm air to escape during the winter months and causes too much cooling in the summer since all the hot air from outside is coming in. Just from replacing your roof you could lower your energy bills considerably. Your savings in the first year alone could possible offset the cost of replacing the entire roof.
  2. Environment – A roof that is properly installed can help you to reduce your carbon footprint. If you are into environmentally friendly home options, then installing a new roof may be a good decision even if your current roofing system is showing no signs of wear or damage. Newer steel roofs are energy-efficient, so they can help reduce your carbon footprint in a very noticeable way.
  3. Equity – If you are looking for a way to ensure that you build equity in your home, replacing your roof is a great choice. Not only will you build equity, but in the event that you sell, you will be able to ask a higher selling price due to the newer home roofing. Selecting an energy-efficient metal roofing system may increase the amount even more. This is great news in a down market as this will bring a huge return on the money invested.

Common Roofing Materials

  1. Metal Roofing – Roofs made of metal are built to last a long time and protect your home from almost anything. They are also provide a beautiful look that adds to your homes curb appeal. Even though a metal roof can be a little bit more expensive than other types of roofs it is one of the best options and investement you can make.
  2. Composition Shingles – These are affordable and simple to install, which will lower the cost to hiring a trained professional. You can find them in different sizes, designs and colors. However, the down side is that they may blow off during high winds or does not offer a dimensional look.
  3. Wood Shakes – These are full of character thanks to their natural look. They come in a variety of colors, thickness and width as well as great for providing insulation for the attic. This is a very high maintenance product that will not last long unless it gets regular maintenance and repair.
  4. Clay Roof Tiling – These are very durable and will not rot or rust. They are used mainly on houses with a Spanish flair but they can be used on other dwellings as well. This home roofing material tends to be very heavy and fragile; as such walking on them could have a damaging effect.
  5. Slate – This is mainly found on upscale homes as it is a pricey home roofing option. It is very aesthetically endowed and provides long-lasting beauty.
  6. Concrete Tile – These are very durable and offer users more protection. They are typically treated with fireproof materials and they are low maintenance.
  7. Hot Mop – This type of roofing system is used mainly on commercial buildings but you can choose to use it on your home. This is ideal for homes with flat tops and home roofing that already have good drainage systems.

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