Though the two terms are often used interchangeably, there are actually several differences between solariums and sunrooms. The most important difference is the construction, followed by the intended use for the room. Because these two types of exterior rooms are made of different materials there are several differences when it comes to maintenance issues as well. If you are choosing between a solarium and a sunroom, here is a brief outline of the pros and cons of each, and why you would choose one over the other depending on your needs.


A solarium is a room that is made up almost entirely of windows; traditionally these windows are made of glass, though some modern designs feature other materials. While solariums are typically attached to the main house, these structures can be freestanding; when not attached to a house, a solarium is very much like a greenhouse. The goal of a solarium is to allow as much light as possible into the room. Many people enjoy solariums because they enable them to enjoy the sunlight without exposure to the elements.


Solariums are very impressive structures A solarium can be a great selling feature for your home Solariums often provide an excellent view of your property and/or the landscape around your home A solarium will require time, effort, and money to maintain (cleaning, sealing the glass, etc) Solariums are not very energy efficient A custom-made blind might be required to block some of the sunlight from entering the house


Solariums are most often chosen when initial cost is not as much of a concern as the ability to have an impressive, customized area where the homeowner can enjoy the benefits of the sun and the view near their home.


"Sunroom" is a general term given to any room with several large windows, or a room with one wall of glass. Sunrooms were originally designed by architects because their clients wanted a space where they could feel as though they were outdoors without actually being outside of their homes. There are many variations on the traditional sunroom, which range from conventional home additions to modular sunroom set-ups. With recent advances in energy efficient building materials, many sunrooms are now suitable for use all year round.


Energy efficiency via materials and the presence of a solid roof Potential for windows that can open and close Low-maintenance construction Partially obstructed view of the surrounding landscape More commonly seen (less of a "wow" factor)


Sunrooms are a very popular choice for homeowners looking to enjoy the sun and the view while minimizing the potential for loss on their investment. Because sunrooms can be very affordable and often come with extended warranties they are attractive options to both current and future homeowners!

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