Energy efficient windows can provide a number of benefits for any home! Not only are there the more obvious benefits of saving money and saving energy, but there are other benefits such as improved comfort, less condensation in your home, and less fading of your fabrics! What can energy efficient windows do for you?

Save Energy

Windows that are more efficient can save energy by reducing the temperature transfer between glass and the air on either side. What does this mean for you? It means that in the winter, you will not have to have the heat on as much, because less of the warmth inside your home will not be transferred through the window glass. In the summer, energy efficient windows can cut down on the amount of solar radiation that comes into your home. This allows the air conditioner to work less when combating the heat in your home. By reducing the amount of work your heating and cooling appliances have to do, you are not only reducing the amount of energy you use, but also saving money on your utility costs as a result!

Save Money

While the cost might be greater up front, energy efficient windows will save you money in the end over more traditional window types. Energy efficient windows help you save money by reducing your costs across the board, including utilities, furnishings, and other costs that are typically associated with home ownership.

Improve Comfort

Energy efficient windows increase the comfort of your home by reducing the temperature fluctuations in your home, as well as temperature differences closer to the windows themselves. This cuts down dramatically on the cool drafts or hot spots that are typically found in areas near "normal" windows.

Protect Your Furnishings

Thanks to the coatings on energy efficient windows, these windows have the ability to block out the harmful UV rays of the sun, which are not only hazardous to people but to furniture and fabrics as well! The sun's UV rays can cause fading, which can leech away the brilliant original colors of your curtains, and any wood or fabric furniture near a window. New energy efficient windows have a coating that blocks up to 98% of these harmful rays, keeping your family and your furnishings safe!

Keep Things Quiet

A little-known benefit of energy efficient windows is their ability to dampen outside noise. This is especially useful to people who live in communities where homes are built more closely together, or for people who live near a major transportation avenue such as a roadway or railway line.

Reduce Condensation

Because there is less energy transfer (from temperature) around energy efficient windows, there is less mold and mildew growth when compared to windows that are more traditional. In cooler climates, energy efficient windows stay warmer, and thus remain dry. Not only is this beneficial for allergy sufferers, it can also help to protect your curtains and paint from damage that can be caused by mold and mildew.

Energy efficient windows save not only money, energy, and your furnishings, they also look great! These windows can allow more light into your home, brightening rooms without the need for artificial lighting during daylight hours without worrying about additional costs. Energy efficient windows are also built from high-quality materials, giving them the ability to add value to your home in both looks and durability. Energy efficient windows can be the perfect addition to any room!