The best time to replace your roof is dependent on a number of factors. A leaking roof will more than likely make your home uncomfortable and can affect your schedule. A damaged roof in or before the rainy season needs to be replaced right away. Though there are multiple factors that affect when you should replace your roof.

The cost of replacing the roof – this is affected by a number of things such as the season. Most roof repairs and replacements are done in fall and summer as these seasons provide a very agreeable time for working on roofs. Since there is a high demand this also means that the prices will be higher.

Weather & Seasonal Risks

The risk of weather – depending on the season you open your roof to be replaced the contents of your home as well as the installation workers will be at different levels of risk. It is not always possible for your replacement to be done in good weather but as long as the weather is above 45°F. Since roof repairs take two to three weeks you want to schedule it when the weather is not too chaotic. Rainy weather could mean water getting into your home which down the road could cause mold or even cause your walls to crack.

So you see that cold and wet months are the worst months to have to do a roof replacement. In fact there are some roofing companies that will simply not do a new roof in the winter. But of course your roof doesn’t care what time or which season you are in and that is why it is important to do routine inspections so that you don’t get any surprises. If you do find yourself with the need to do some work on your roof in these months you may be better off doing some repairs for the time being?

Ideal seasons for replacing a roof are in the late summer and fall. There are not many rain storms if any during this period and there are no temperature issues. As mentioned before this is also the busiest time of the year for roofers. At this time most roofing companies are booked for weeks and weeks to come and may not even be able to find the time to do repairs.

Book Early for Ideal Seasons

Experienced roofers understand that they must watch the weather carefully and are prepared to cover the work area quickly in case of a sudden storm. If you want to have your roof replacement done in this the ideal time of year, it is best to book with the company months in advance, even the prior year if your replacement is not due to damages that are causing you to lose money or are inconveniencing you in any way.

You should ideally replace your roof before it becomes a problem and in order to do this you will need to have regular inspections done to know that your roof is still in good enough shape. You can have your roof inspected annually so that preventative maintenance can be done so you don’t get the surprise of your life to come home in the rain and find your living room turned into a swimming pool. Having regular yearly inspections also helps you to build a relationship with your roofing company so that in the event that you do need to have your roof replaced in a hurry you will be able to negotiate with the company. They should be willing to work with you even with a busy schedule knowing that you use their services regularly.