There is no simple answer to this question as there are a number of factors that are involved in determining the cost of siding. It all depends on the size of your home, the type of siding you want to go with and who you choose to install your siding after purchasing it. But to help you get a general idea of what prices are like and what affects them we have made up this article for you, the average homeowner.

  1. The size of the house – this is the largest determining factor that affects the cost of siding. To get a siding estimate you will need to have your house measurements but you don’t have to measure it yourself – thank God. Most companies will send out a team to measure your home prior to creating the estimate. They will measure the height of the house as well as its square footage.
  2. Type of Siding – you will find wood siding, aluminum siding, hardboard composite, vinyl siding, fiberglass siding and cement fiber siding. Nowadays hardboard composite siding and fiberglass siding are not as popular and are being mostly replaced with vinyl siding or cement fiber siding.

    Wood siding generally comes at a moderate cost, as does aluminum and vinyl but vinyl is usually the lowest of the three. Cement fiber siding is priced moderately to high but is virtually maintenance free so is worth the high cost. Builder grade vinyl siding is the most affordable option whereas a premium grade red cedar shingle siding will be the most expensive.

  3. Need for demolition of your current siding – if your current siding must be removed by the installer of the new siding, this will affect the final price of replacing the siding of your home.
  4. Trim and Additional Features – if your current trim needs replacement this will also affect the cost of siding. The type of trim you choose will also affect the cost as well as any accents you would like to add such as pilaster, shutters or pediments.
  5. The population of your area – if you live in a densely populated city neighborhood installers will have more difficulty in installing your siding and so it will cost more than if you lived in a sparsely populated suburb.
  6. Permits – to replace siding your contractor may need to apply for a building permit, street permit or dumpster permit. These are usually included in the cost you find on your estimate.
  7. Insulation – if you would like to add insulation when installing your siding it will cost more than just installing the siding. But you will find that adding insulation when replacing your siding is the best way to go and the most cost effective as this will help to lower your bills considerably.

If you want to find out exactly how much it will cost you add siding to your home, we invite you to contact Mad City for a free estimate. We will go over all the costs of siding and help find a solution that will work great for your home!