Looking to improve the appearance of your bathroom, but are afraid of all the options? There are a lot of great trends in the industry resulting in stunning, functional bathrooms. Here are some of our favorites.

Recent Trends In Bathtubs

Walk-in tubs are becoming more popular for their added convenience and safety precautions. These can be designed with a variety of colors and textures to give a great appearance in the bathroom while still acting as a functional part of the room.

Bathtub liners are also increasing in their popularity for their ease of installation. Many homeowners prefer this over a brand new bathtub, as they can improve appearances just in the course of 24 hours!

Recent Trends in Showers

Showers have become so hi-tech that a lot of people are intimated by them, even though they shouldn’t be. Modern showers are now equipped with sprays that work at every angle for full body coverage. Folks who can afford them now want showers that let them watch TV, answer the phone, listen to music, massage their feet and soothe them with a display of colored lights that can be changed with the touch of a button.

Even people who can’t afford such bells and whistles appreciate the trend toward different types of showerheads, especially the delightful waterfall style where water cascades over the head and shoulders. The more expensive type of these showerheads come with LED lights that can change color.

A homeowner who’s in the fortunate position of being able to do a bathroom remodel has many options to choose from when it comes to tubs, toilets, showers and fixtures. Though some minor renovations like adding a new sink could be a DIY project, an extensive renovation will need the services of professional contractors. This kind of renovation might involve changes to the plumbing and the electricity, and for that permits are needed and local building codes must be heeded. Unless the homeowner is a professional, a major bathroom remodel should be left to the pros.

Have any questions about the bathroom remodeling process? Please feel free to call the Mad City team to discuss options for your bathroom!