Considering renovating the basement? It's a big project, but there are a lot of advantages, both immediate advantages, like being able to make sure there aren't any cracks in the foundation, and long-term advantages, like being able to raise the market value of your home.

Added Space and Functionality

The biggest advantage to finishing a basement is that it gives your family additional space. It can add a bedroom for a new arrival, add a bathroom as the kids get older and create a comfortable hang out space for kids or the whole family. It can be an exercise room or a playroom for the kids. The bottom line is you're taking space you already have and making it more functional.

Increased Home Value

Thinking about selling some day in the future? A finished basement can dramatically increase the value of the home. Even if it's not counted in the actual square footage of the home, you're turning a 3-bedroom home into a 4-bedroom or adding a bathroom or adding a den or all of those. That means that you can list your home for a higher price and you'll be able to get more out of it than you put into it.

Reduction in Health Hazards

One of the most likely places to find mold or water damage is in the basement. Finding the problem and fixing it early can save you money and it can improve the health of your family members. Children especially can suffer from asthma and respiratory illnesses that are caused by mold.

Cost Savings

You know those hot summer days where the air conditioner just isn't keeping up and sleeping upstairs is unbearable? Having a finished basement can provide an alternative. Everyone, or even just the family members who are most uncomfortable, can sleep downstairs for a few nights. The basement is naturally cooler because it's underground. Even when it's not exceptionally hot or cool, a finished basement can be a money saver if you add a living area where the family can spend time, because then you can adjust the temperature in the rest of the house, leading to lower bills.

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