the-benefits-of-walk-in-bathtubsWalk-in bathtubs are a popular alternative to the traditional bathtub. There are numerous benefits to installing a walk-in bathtub in your home.


Walk-in bathtubs are easier to enter and exit than traditional bathtubs. These do not require balancing on one foot to get in and out of the tub. This is particularly useful for individuals who have challenges with their balance. For moments when transfer is necessary, most walk-in bathtubs have strategically placed handrails to make it as easy as possible. This drastically decreases the possibility that some harm will come to the user.


For individuals with mobility issues, a walk-in bathtub offers an opportunity to be more independent. Due to its easy to use design, the walk-in bathtub allows individuals to be in charge of their hygienic needs. This means there is no need for an attendant to assist the person bathing. Because there are fewer challenges in terms of needing to move around, the individual can safely participate in the bathing process. The easy to use seat designed into walk-in bathtubs allows the bathing individual to access all needed soaps and scrubbing devices without assistance.


Because walk-in tubs allow individuals with physical challenges to both safely and independently take care of their bathing needs, their dignity can be preserved. For some it can be quite embarrassing to need someone’s assistance in bathing. Besides the sheer inconvenience of requiring help in bathing, many individuals suffer psychologically from the circumstance. By installing a walk-in bathtub, these people no longer need to compromise their dignity to safely complete their daily tasks.


Walk-in bathtubs come with a built-in seat. This allows the user to enjoy their bathing experience to the fullest. Because you can casually sit down and relax, there is no pressure to quickly wash and leave. The seat gives you the opportunity to truly enjoy the sensation of water against your body and offers a moment for relaxation before you return to your daily life. In addition, depending on where you place your bathtub, you may be able to read, burn candles, or participate in aromatherapy with ease in your walk-in bathtub.

Space Saving

This style of bathtub is considerably less space consuming that the traditional design. If you are trying to save space in a smaller bathroom, this can be a huge benefit. Not only will you get a safer and easy to use bathtub, but you will have more space throughout your bathroom to move around. This extra space may help those with mobility challenges maneuver throughout the bathroom. Alternatively, this may allow you more space to add custom elements to the decorative or functional elements of your bathroom.

Design Variability

No matter what your space needs are, you will find a walk-in bathtub to meet your design needs. These tubs come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and depths. This means that you will be able to select a walk-in bathtub ideal for your bathroom. This flexibility allows you to plan to use your bathroom space in whatever way you choose. If you are thinking you may want to alter your bathroom design beyond your bathtub, you can plan for it by selecting a design which suits your current and future plans.


While the standard walk-in bathtub comes in various different sizes, if your budget allows, you can customize your walk-in bathtub. Some of the customizable features include specific size requirements and door alterations. This extra layer of customizability truly ensures that you will find the tub matching precisely your plans and design tastes.


Many walk-in tubs come with hydrotherapy features. For example, water jets are available in many tubs. These have numerous benefits. If you suffer from mild muscle pain, the gentle pressure from these jets can help reduce the pain and muscle tension. For many people, at one point in their lives they had a desire to own a Jacuzzi. However, these can be quite expensive, so a walk-in bathtub with hydrotherapy allows these individuals to participate to some extent in that experience. This may increase your overall contentment with the bathing experience. This can encourage one to bathe more frequently and increase the user’s overall hygienic habits. In addition, the hydrotherapy features aid in individual’s relaxation and personal time.

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