how-to-make-old-windows-more-energy-efficientOne of the main difficulties of older windows is their inability to efficiently manage energy. If you are looking to make those old windows a bit more efficient, there are some simple steps you can take to make an impact. Sometimes a little modification can save some cash while getting some of the benefits of brand new windows.

The Putty Method

It’s really important to clean your windows thoroughly before jumping into this strategy. In this method you will install putty between the glass and window frame. The putty will help keep the air from inside your home from transferring to the outside.

Buy some putty from your local hardware store. When you’re ready, you’ll want to grab some of that putty and start working with the palms of your hands. If your putty is a little sticky, consider rubbing some powder on your hands first. Then you’ll want to roll the putty into thin strips about 3/8 inches thick. Place that putty in the rabbet. Next put the glass back into place. Hammer a few glazing pins into the rabbet after the glass is installed. You may want to use some cardboard to protect the glass. Use your thumb to press more putty around the glazing pins and edge of the glass. Finally, grab your putty knife and remove the excess putty.

The Heavy Curtain Method

If you can install heavy curtains around your window, you can increase the energy efficiency of that window. Ideally these curtains will be made of a thicker material and actually reach all the way to the floor. One economic and green way to obtain these curtains is through secondhand shops. Once installed, when you leave the room simply draw the curtains. This will decrease the amount of outside air coming in and inside air getting out.

The Window Film Method

This is particularly useful for windows which are inclined to overheat. When your windows overheat, you are more likely to turn up the air conditioning. These film strips are typically self-adhesive and easy to install. They come in different materials. You can get an ultraviolet window film strip or a reflective strip. Both types will have the same basic result. You may want to combine this method with the heavy curtain method to maximize the effect.

The Window Bead Method

Wooden glazing beads are used to make the glass panes more stable. You can replace these and improve the efficiency of your home. To do so, you will need to get a caulking gun. Begin by applying caulk around the ribbet to about ⅓ of its total depth. You will then want to place the glass pane back into place creating a solid seal. Now you can install the window beads. You will want to nail them into place with no less than two glazing pins to do so. You goal is to make the inner edge of each bead sit flush with the glass. Finally, wipe away any excess caulk.

These different methods can make your old windows more energy efficient easily.

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