2014120001218502For those who want to save a buck or two when upgrading their home, there are many projects that can save a bundle when doing it yourself instead of hiring a professional. Although this is a great way to stay within your budget, there are a number of projects worth skipping when it comes to doing it yourself to promote safety and prevent disaster from occurring.

1. Window Replacement

Windows often last several decades and offer plenty of functionality, but can become an eyesore when outdated. Many people prefer to install new windows themselves to save more on installation, but this can cost more in the long run if the right tools are not used. More energy will be used for higher monthly bills rather than hiring an expert who is experienced in working with aluminum and forming exterior cladding.

2. Tree Removal

Trying to clear your property of trees is easily one of the most dangerous projects to try yourself when remodeling your home. It can seem like an easy task but can lead to life-threatening falls, damaging telephone wires, and injuring yourself with sharp blades.

3. Roof Repair

Roof repairs are necessary from time to time due to extreme weather and the effects of environmental elements. It can be easy to attempt for those who aren't afraid of braving the heights, but is extremely dangerous due to the possibility of slipping, especially for those with two-story homes. It's also important to hire a professional to prevent causing water damage or leaks.

4. Paving the Driveway

For those looking to give their driveway a facelift with new paving stones, the task should be avoided at all costs and left to the professionals. It's a tedious project that requires plenty of math skills and patience for installation that can easily take a week when attempting to do it yourself. Hiring a professional should only take a day to complete.

5. Exterior Painting

Painting the exterior of your home can seem simple and easy to perform with a bit of paint and a few brushes, but the project is one that should be left to the experts. It's a daunting task that requires masking the trim, waiting an extended period of time before painting the second coat, and possibly choosing the wrong kind of paint that can look much different in person than what you thought you picked out.

Image by simonov and licensed through Creative Commons.