There are many signs that you need a bathroom remodel. Some are bigger red flags than others so we have made it really easy for you to separate the big warning signs from ones that really aren't deal breakers. First of all, is your bathroom full of cracks, stains, peeling paint, or missing chunks of grout? If so, your bathroom is in need of a remodel. Consider any of these problems as sign number one! Another sign has more to do with your pocket book. Are your water bills crazy high? Do you have leaky faucets and runny toilets? If you've hired plumbers over and over again to fix constant water problems this is another sign that you should consider a bathroom remodel.

Next, does your bathroom constantly have odor problems and heavy humidity issues? This is a bad one and is sign number three that you need a bathroom remodel as soon as possible! A well designed and well-functioning bathroom will have no problem dealing with humidity and eliminating it!

Another sign that you need a bathroom remodel is the ugly factor! Is your bathroom so ugly that as soon as you step foot inside, you count the seconds until you get to leave? If this is the case, consider this sign number four that you desperately need a bathroom remodel. Lastly, is your bathroom so tight and cramped that you can't efficiently get ready, get dressed, or do anything but use the bathroom in it? Bathrooms can and should be so much more than just a place to use the bathroom! Think spa-like retreat. This can be your favorite room in the house if you choose a top-notch company to do your bathroom remodel.

Here at Mad City Baths, we offer only the highest quality products that come complete with affordable price tags. All of our high-quality products are made in America and will never, chip, peel, or crack. We stand behind our products with a Lifetime Manufacturer's Guarantee. Since 1998, we have been transforming Wisconsin's ugly bathrooms into showstoppers! We'd love the opportunity to give you the bathroom you've always dreamed about having!

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