f you are considering investing in an Acrylic bathtub, you are about to make a very smart home investment. You see, Acrylic bathtubs are the very best bathtubs you will find. Not only are they exceptionally strong and durable, they are extremely easy to keep sparkling and clean! Here at Mad City Baths, we have a very large selection of acrylic replacement bathtubs that are all of the highest quality in the industry. All of our acrylic bathtubs are made using very thick acrylic that won't ever scratch, peel, crack or fade! Aside from that, our acrylic tubs will never mold or mildew! Not ever!

Cleaning Tips & Solutions:

To keep your Acrylic bathtub clean and sparkling, all you need to remember is to keep it gentle. Always use a soft cloth and dampen it with any non-abrasive soap. Never use any products that contain bleach or other abrasive cleaners because they can permanently damage your tub! You don't have to go out and buy some expensive cleaning product. Simple Dish-washing detergent works very well. Just dampen a soft cloth and place a small amount of dish-washing detergent on it. Wipe away and rinse. Within just a few minutes you will see the shine and luster of your Acrylic tub reappear. Just like that! (Do not use dish-washing detergent that is made for the dishwasher!)

Here at Mad City Baths, we carry a large selection of acrylic replacement bathtubs. With our large selection, we have the perfect tub available in the latest colors and patterns to match any size tub space. Plus, we can have your beautiful tub installed in as little as one day! We use only 100% Made in America acrylic that is designed to last a lifetime. We believe in our products which is why we are proud to offer a Lifetime Guarantee on your replacement tub. Since 1998, here at Mad City Baths we have proudly served homeowners throughout Green Bay, Madison and throughout all of Southern Central Wisconsin with the highest quality products in the industry.

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