For most people, our bathroom is a deeply personal space, and it’s only logical that you’d want to customize it to find your needs and create your own personal relaxation oasis.  There are several reasons to remodel your bathroom, but remodeling it to better fit your needs and wants is by far the most fun! If your bathroom needs some serious TLC to make it the personal spa of your dreams, here are a few fabulous features to consider before starting.

If you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom, here are 10 ideas that will make it even more special and unique!

1. Warm Towel Rack 

What’s better than wrapping yourself up in a warm towel after a great shower? Now that is luxury! Hanging towels from heated bars is a cozy upgrade that you will use daily.

2. Underfloor Heating System

On the other hand, is anything worse than the freezing floor after a hot shower? Yikes! Installing heated floors will make sure you stay comfortable and cozy long after your shower!

Did you know underfloor heating can heat up a room faster and more efficiently than a traditional radiator?

3. Rain Shower Head

These are currently very popular and are sometimes accompanied by spa-like shower sprays and jets. It’s a soothing addition to any bathroom, plus it looks great!

4. Update the Vent Fan 

Okay, so this is more functional than luxurious, but hear us out. A new, updated vent fan will improve airflow, meaning no more foggy bathrooms after your amazing spa shower. Plus, it takes moisture away from the walls and mirrors, so you won’t have to worry about mold and mildew.

5. A Spacious, New Vanity 

Avoid clutter with a new vanity that includes lots of storage space! Picking up toiletries and extra supplies off the floor and out of sight will make your space feel bigger, more organized, and will help achieve that spa-like atmosphere!

6. Accent the walls with tiles 

Add glamour to your bathroom by installing a backsplash of glass mosaic tile on an entire wall or above your vanity. Pick colorful tiles or a fun pattern to energize the atmosphere.

7. In-Shower Bench

Adding a seat in the shower is not only comfortable but functional! If you need increased stabilityor have difficulty standing for long periods, this addition will help give you some independence and allow you to take as long as you need. You can tile the bench, so it matches the shower, or pick a wooden bench. Don’t forget to add grab bars for even more stability!

This is a popular ask from our homeowners! Click here to check out our gallery!

8. Blast the tunes! 

Consider adding a sound system to your master bathroom. It may sound out of place, but how many times have you risked your phone’s life so you could sing along to your favorite tunes in the shower? Whether you’re jamming out in the shower or relaxing in the tub, your new sound system will help set the stage. Two speakers in opposite corners of the room are all you need!

9. A Chandelier 

A beautiful chandelier above a soaking tub will take your master from comfy to glam instantly! It’s an easy upgrade that goes a long way! 

10. Add Skylights or Windows 

Is your master bath a bit dark? Installing a skylight or adding windows to the room can brighten the space up. Make sure you’re picking out an obscured glass for the windows!

Choose high-quality windows to help prevent any condensation or moisture problems. Our experts can help!

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