Window Replacement

It’s no secret that the key to a successful window installation lies in getting the perfect fit for each window opening. In fact, odds are you read the title of this blog and immediately thought, “…duh.”

However, our team at Mad City Windows thought it would be worth explaining a bit more about the topic so you can truly understand what goes into planning window replacements. That way, you can get a better idea of what to look for in your window company, and you can know a bit more about the process in general. Without further ado, let’s dive in. 

Why Window Measurements Matter

When it comes to installing new windows around your home, professional installation is the most important step. Even the highest-quality windows can’t perform at their best if they are not properly installed. Before even choosing your new windows, measuring the existing window opening is the first and most important step. 

Generally, your window installers will be the ones to measure the window opening, but here’s a quick rundown on what they’ll do for a basic window replacement. First, they will make sure the window is level and free from distortion or warping. They’ll then measure the diagonal to see if the window is perfectly square, followed by the horizontal and vertical measurements.

Having perfect measurements for your new windows are important for many reasons, but it can be broken down into three main benefits:


Having a perfect fit for your window will make sure you can fully show off your window features without any distracting gaps or lopsidedness. This will ultimately improve your curb appeal, interior design, and the overall value of your home, which means you can live in a home that matches your style preferences.

Energy Efficiency

If your window does not fit inside the opening, it leaves room for air to escape from your home or to come in from the outside. That means you can experience drafts in the winter and an influx of hot air in the summer. Not only will this make your interior more uncomfortable, but it will also take a toll on your heating and cooling bills.


One thing you should want out of your windows is ease of use. By having a window that is perfectly measured to fit the opening, you can avoid any extra movement when opening and closing the window and leave no extra space for the windows to expand and get stuck as the seasons change. Overall, this will make them much easier to use on a day-to-day basis. 

Get in Touch with a Local Window Company You Can Trust

The best way to ensure you get the proper measurements for your new windows is to hire a window company you trust. We’re here to tell you that that company is Mad City Windows. Since we first opened our doors in 1998, our local experts have been designing and installing the highest-quality windows for homeowners throughout Wisconsin.

From the start we have boasted award-winning service and quality workmanship from start to finish. In fact, we’ve bene named the #1 window installation team in Wisconsin by Top 500 Remodelers and have earned the “Star of Madison” award, too. Get in touch with our local experts to learn more about our window installations or fill out our online form to schedule a free consultation today.