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Choosing the BEST Window Style for your Home

Once you finally decide to invest in replacement windows, it’s important that you first do a little homework. If you really don’t want to spend a lot of time researching different types of window styles (there are quite a few) then make sure you choose a high quality and respected company. If you choose a… read more

Get the 411 on Different Window Material Types

When thinking about new replacement windows for your home, expect a lot of information to be thrown at you. A lot. The very first decision you should make is choosing a respected and experienced company. Be very aware of “pop up” companies that offer you a “too good to be true” deal. What typically happens… read more

Top 5 Signs that you Need a Bathroom Remodel

There are many signs that you need a bathroom remodel. Some are bigger red flags than others so we have made it really easy for you to separate the big warning signs from ones that really aren’t deal breakers. First of all, is your bathroom full of cracks, stains, peeling paint, or missing chunks of… read more

High-Quality Energy Star Windows & Customer Service

New replacement windows are definitely a wise investment; there is no way to get around that fact. With that being said, new, replacement windows are the smartest home investment you can make. If you choose not to replace them, your old, leaky windows will end up costing you a great deal of money in the… read more

Find Out Why Mad City Baths is a Stand-Out Company

In the 80’s, everyone had an ugly bathroom because there really weren’t many bathroom remodeling options so everyone just ignored the fact that their bathrooms were awful looking. The good news now is that Mad City Baths has all of your affordable and high-quality bathroom remodeling solutions. From complete shower remodeling, replacement bathtubs, shower liners,… read more

Mad City’s Composite Siding is a Stand-Out Product

When starting the search for a good siding product, it’s important that you make sure the product you choose has at least three important components. First, you need to make sure the siding you choose is high quality, energy efficient, and incredibly durable. Those are just the basic must haves. Here at Mad City Windows,… read more

Let in the Beauty of the Outdoors & Save Energy

If you are considering new replacement windows for your home, there are a lot of styles from which to choose. Whatever style you choose, it’s important that you choose windows that are energy efficient, durable, and from a reputable company. Don’t choose the company that gives you the cheapest deal and has only been in… read more

Gorgeous Bathrooms & Pretty Prices

If your bathroom is in a state of deep depression, you owe it to yourself and your guests to consider some bathroom remodeling options. Here at Mad City Baths, we specialize in expensive looking bathroom remodeling without an expensive price tag. For years, Mad City Baths has been providing Wisconsin homeowners with beautiful, knock your… read more

Awning Windows are Perfect for those Hard to Get to Areas

Anytime you choose high-quality, energy efficient replacement windows for your home you are spending your money wisely. There is a wide array of different window styles to choose from. Choosing the right one for you and your family depends on several factors. If you are looking for a window that really utilizes space well while… read more

Our Products are the BEST so We Offer an Unbeatable Lifetime Warranty

When you have a bathtub that you are ashamed of and avoid at all costs, it’s time that you considered your bathroom remodeling options. Mad City Baths has been giving Wisconsin homeowners stunning and affordable bathroom remodeling for many years. Let’s first start with our very popular replacement bathtubs. By choosing a new bathtub by Mad… read more