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The job was done in 7 hours. The installers showed us step by step of each phase of the job. The installers were courteous and professional.

, Muscoda -

The crew did a fantastic installation and a wonderful job of clean up. They even caulked around my bathroom sinks when I asked. Very professional!

, North Prairie -

very happy with the install and the staff

, Fort atkinson -

The crew did a fantastic and clean job on installing out tub and shower surround. Very professional!!

, Sun Prairie -

Did an awesome job in a timely manner.

, Menominee -

We had all of our windows and doors replaced. Install went smoothly. The team that did our install was professional and did an overall great job. The quality of theach windows and doors is great. We are enjoying the difference these windows and doors make to our home.

, New Franken -

We had MadCity replace our 6 Southern facing windows this January. Our original windows were of poor quality and had lost there vacuum after 15 years. MadCity gave us a fair quote and decent finance options to meet our needs. The contractors did a great job and were in and out in 7 hours and did a great job cleaning up. Thanks much for the great service. John & Robin

, Janesville -


, West baraboo -

I was so upset when I read some bad reviews. Mad City is the best Company. We had 6 windows, Patio Door, and Big picture window put in 4 years ago. They were efficient, carrying, about you and the job they were doing. The windows have added so much to the house, and they keep out the cold so much better than our old ones. We had a screen on our Patio Door get wrecked do to our dog scratching on it to come in. This is 4 years later, and they came right out fixed the screen with a heavier screen, so our dog could not ruin it again. My Husband had taped it, thinking if I called no one would show, they showed up within a week and replaced and fixed it. Like I was told I had a lifetime warranty even if the dog ruined the screen. They have been fabulous! I would have them again. Believe me 26 years ago we had replacements by another company Sidex, and I believe they went out of business, we never could get a hold of them to come back and fix anything even a year later.

, Loves Park -

Our sales rep was very helpful. He arrived on time, answered all our questions, was patient while I crunched numbers, offered as many discounts as possible including military, gave a variety of financing options, and gave my spouse and I private space while we discussed whether or not to move forward. Phone calls and email communication was timely and appropriate. I think it's important to be honest in stating our installation day did have a hiccup leading to rescheduling. I say this because the reality is, these things happen, but it was how it was handled that I believe is important. I've had this happen with other services and it's been ugly. There was a complication with an installation prior to ours. During the entire day the crew communicated with my spouse to keep him updated on their ETA. They were still planning to come out hours after the scheduled time but I asked to reschedule because it was raining and getting dark. In order to not miss another day of work, the crew agreed to come out that Saturday, first thing in the AM to install. Truthfully, if I had been the other guy, I would feel better knowing the crew didn't rush through my installation just to get to the next one. That Saturday, the crew of two arrived right on time. They were respectful, quiet (obviously with exception to noise from a window installation), and cleaned up their work space. There was very little in and out of the home and they were mindful of pets. They gave us a quick wrap-up on paperwork before leaving. Including reminding us to peel the sticker off the window for tax purposes next year. We need to replace all the windows in our home, but these almost floor to ceiling windows were REALLY bad. We could keep canned beverages cool just by placing them next to the window! After the installation, we actually had to turn our heat down (with nights dipping below freezing) because our house was that much warmer - even in the back bedrooms - and it's always cold back there! Considering the windows we had installed are Northern exposure windows not receiving sunlight, I was impressed. Very excited to see what happens when we replace them all. A few key selling points included the window demonstrations compared to others, a debt free company, transferable warranty, lifetime damage replacement, screen replacement, an interest free financing promotion, and being able to break-up multiple window installations over the course of 2-years without our quoted price going up. In fact, it will go down on the next round because we will be returning customers! This really allowed us to buy high-quality windows without taking on a monthly payment we couldn't afford.

, Mukwonago -