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Stylize your home with the natural beauty of new patio doors. Patio doors are used as entry ways from your home to your patio. You will find them in a wide selection of materials and styles. Each type comes with their advantages and disadvantages as well as various maintenance needs. There are wooden doors that are both aesthetically pleasing while providing an insulating effect.  Also, patio doors come in aluminum and are very affordable but are less insulated then our other options. Vinyl patio doors, which come in a variety of colors, are very affordable while providing homeowners with good quality. As it pertains to styles, you can find sliding doors as well as French doors. Sliding doors are the most popular.

Advantages of Mad City Patio Doors:

  • Patio Door Material – The most popular patio doors are made from composite materials, which allow you to have a durable door that looks great, without having to worry about things such as rotting like with traditional wood framed doors.
  • Energy Savings – When you buy the right patio doors you will see a dramatic change in your energy bills for the positive. The savings you will reap over time are far greater than those you will get from a door that is made with inferior materials and design.
  • Security – Most doors today come with extra features to ensure enhanced safety so your patio door is as safe as any other exterior door.
  • Variety– We have lots of colors, styles and other options available to complement your home.

Patio Door Experts in Madison, Green Bay, Milwaukee and the surrounding areas

There are two main types of patio doors: sliding and French. Sliding doors are among the most common types of patio doors. They were the pioneers of patio doors and they are still being used by most as the door of choice. These types are helpful in the sense that they allow you to have the patio door wide open without taking up usable space. They are also very easy to maintain and allow a lot of light as well as heat into a room on a cold day. Plus, they are very affordable.

French doors feature multiple windows and usually open in or out. There are, however, new doors that are called sliding French doors. French doors have the advantage of adding to the style element of your home. On the other hand, they need to be made more secure by adding locks on both the top and bottom of the doors, as their latching mechanism is a weaker point.

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