De Pere Garden Windows

Windows have important roles to play in your home, helping to boost both security and curb appeal while allowing plenty of natural light to enter your space. Garden windows take functionality to another level by providing a dedicated space for growing herbs or other small plants year-round. If you are a gardener and would like to keep your green thumb busy throughout the winter, Mad City Windows can make your wish a reality! 

We are experienced window contractors in De Pere who provide durable, attractive window installation for homeowners. As a family owned business, we understand the pleasure taken in a few indoor plants. Our contractors will work closely with you to ensure your garden window meets your exact specifications.

Swift and Efficient Garden Window Installation

The average garden window resembles a self-supporting glass box attached to the side of the home. It usually rests on a solid shelf with glass panes on all other sides, so even a small garden window can let in a lot of light throughout the day. Some homeowners add operable sashes to bring in fresh air too.

Every window installation comes with benefits and features to protect your investment for the long run. You can expect:

·  Professional Service: Our window contractors are licensed, insured, and highly trained experts. They are committed to making sure you always receive prompt, courteous service.

·  Energy Efficiency: We use EcoSky replacement windows that are made with low-E glass, gas fill, and fusion-welded frames.

·  Custom Design: You can create a custom look by picking from our selection of window styles, colors, and accents.

·  Lasting Warranty: Our products are backed by a lifetime repair warranty in addition to the excellent manufacturer's warranties on every window.

For an Exact Project Estimate on Garden Windows in De Pere

When you are searching for a different kind of window to install in your home, consider the garden window. It is a wonderful choice for growing plants indoors, while still enjoying a breeze and plenty of sunlight.

Mad City Windows can also provide a free consultation with no-obligation price estimate for any of our De Pere windows. If you are thinking about getting a garden window or another home renovation, give us a call or fill out our online form right now. We'll be happy to arrange your appointment with a contractor.

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