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Metal roofing is no longer for the 17th century. Now metal is a very popular choice for roofing materials, and for good reason. If you need to replace your roof, you will have many advantages when you choose a metal roof over other types. Also, if there is a type of roof that you like for aesthetics, you can have it produced to mimic the style. You will find that the metal roofs we offer at Mad City Roofs are some of the best in the business. Our metal roofing manufacturer, Kassel and Irons, is one of the top roofing manufacturers in the industry. We carry their varieties of steel roofing, including their steel shake. Guaranteed to satisfy, our metal roofs are backed by a transferable limited lifetime warranty of up to 40 years.

Metal Roofing Benefits:

  • Value – When choosing roofing materials you will find that metal roofing is more expensive than traditional asphalt shingle roofing. However, it is a very cost-effective purchase for the future. Your metal roof can last your entire lifetime whereas other types may require reroofing every 10 to 20 years. Your new metal roof will also increase the value of your home, if you want to resell. You may even be able to decrease the amount you pay for homeowner’s insurance by up to 35 percent due to installing metal roofing.
  • Durability – As mentioned above, metal roofing can last a lifetime while others have a limited lifespan. Since they are coated with a metallic finish either from a combination of aluminum and zinc or just zinc, rusting does not occur. After this coat is applied at the factory, they put on the paint color that also is designed to be long-lasting.
  • Variety –Metal roofs are no longer drab, ugly and come in one color. You now have a lot of variety to choose when it comes to the aesthetic appeal. Find these in different looks such as clay tile, standing seam, slate, shingle and more.
  • Energy Efficiency – Energy savings is something that most people want these days. They would like every aspect of their home to be working at its best to help them save money. With a metal roof, you can increase the energy efficiency of your entire home as well as cut your energy bills in half.
  • Lengthy Warranties –With the durability of your metal roof you may be surprised that we offer a 40-year warranty on our product. Plus, ask us about our workmanship warranty as well. This provides you with the assurance that if your roof was not installed properly, you can have it rectified without cost.
  • Easy Installation – When you think of redoing your roof you may think about weeks of your home being uninhabitable. However, installation can be done very quickly and easily because of the design of the roofing materials. They typically come in multi-shingle sections for easy installation and bypassing the necessity of nailing in each shingle.

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