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Roofing Ice Dam Prevention Madison

Damage from Ice Dams Can Cause Major Problems for Madison and Green Bay Area Homeowners

Ice dams happen when the heat from inside your home escapes through your roof causing the snow to melt. The melted snow flows down your roof, contacting the cold, unheated overhang of your roof. It then accumulates to form an ice dam. This ice pushes back up the roof and can penetrate through seams and valleys, disturbing the shingles.  The water can also enter your home through the seams, causing problems with insulation and inner wall cavities. Many times, this damage happens over several seasons and goes unnoticed until staining occurs on your ceiling, and by then it can become a costly problem to fix.

Ice dams are not just a problem for your home; they can also become dangerous to you and your property. Once the weather warms up, ice dams and icicles can suddenly release and fall to the ground. Depending on the size and height, these can be potentially damaging to vehicles, people, pets and other objects that may be outside.

How to Prevent Ice Dams

Things you can do to prevent potentially costly and dangerous ice dams from forming on your roof is to make sure your gutters are clear of leaves and debris. Checking and sealing places were warm air commonly leaks like vent pipes, chimneys, attic hatches and light fixtures. It can also be helpful to have your roof and attic inspected to make sure it’s properly ventilated and insulated.

Some signs you can look for to see if you have adequate ventilation are rust spots, rusty nails, and mildew. These are all signs your home is not properly ventilated and that moisture may be forming inside your roof. Another thing to look for is if you have soffit vents in your eaves. You need to make sure they are not blocked and that the insulation surrounding them is secure so that air flows properly. If you don’t have soffit or ridge vents, it would be a good idea to install them to help make sure warm air escapes from your home in a controlled manner. Installing snow and ice slides, rubberized ice and water shield underneath your roof, and heating cables can all help reduce ice dams and the damage they can cause. But as always, proper ventilation and insulation is the best fix for your roofing woes.

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