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Important Roofing Terms for Madison and Green Bay Area Homeowners

Mad City Roofing believes that it is important that all of our customers are well informed so they can make the roofing decision that is right for them. That is why we have listed some of the more frequently used terms associated with roofing below. Take a look before you talk to an expert so that you can have a better handle on some of the terms they may use.

Cornice – The part of your roof that projects from the side walls of your home.

Counterflashing – Flashing that is imbedded in a wall or other structure at the top and folds over the shingle flashing.

Courses – This term refers to the horizontal row of your roofing material.

Drip – The strip of metal that goes past the eaves or rakes of your roof to keep rainwater from rolling under your roof and causing damage to the wooden portion of your home.

Eaves – This refers to the lower edge of the roof that is usually hanging over the edge of the house.

Fascia – This is the trimboard that is behind your gutters and eaves. This can be where your gutters are attached.

Flashing – Made from sheet metal or other material flashing is used where different roof planes connect to prevent leaks.

Frieze Board – This is at the top of your home’s siding and with a soffit forms a corner.

Gable – The upper part of a wall that forms a triangle and ends at the ridged roof.

Hip – The external angle where two sides of a roof and the supporting walls meet up.

Joist – The horizontal part of the roof structure where the sheathing is nailed on a flat roof.

Rafter – The part of the roof structure where the sheathing is nailed on a slanted roof.

Rake – The slanted part of a gabled roof that goes out past the end of the walls of the house.

Ridge – Where two sloping roof planes meet the ridge is the horizontal line at the top edge.

Sheathing – A rigid material that is nailed to the rafters for shingles or other materials to be secured on.

Shingle Flashing – Flashing under each shingle in strips and bent around a chimney or wall.

Slope – The measure of a vertical rise of a roof in a one foot horizontal distance.

Soffit – The board that make up the underside of part of the roof the hangs over the home.

Square – The amount of roofing that is needed to cover a 100 square foot area when installed.

Underlayment – What is applied on top of the sheathing and under the shingles.

Valley – An angle that is less that 180 degrees where two sloped roofing section connect.

Valley Flashing – Flashing for roof valleys that extend underneath the shingle son both sides to prevent leaks.

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