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Gorgeous Views with Bow Windows

Bow windows add elegance and a distinct look to any home. Replacing a flat window with a bow window can completely change the amount of light a room making the room seem bigger and brighter. Bow windows project out from a building in a 180 degree arched design. They feature several windows together that are typically casement or double hung windows. Bow windows have a deep sill, but not as deep as a bay window and are usually used for placing plants such as herbs or flowers or other decorative items.

Advantages of Our Bow Window

  • Value – These windows offer a lot of aesthetic appeal. With a look of shimmering glass from outside, these windows make your home look clean and modern. From the interior, the windows give the place an elegant look and add usable space, which includes square footage. This can add to your homes resale value.
  • Increased Illumination – These windows let a lot of light into your home. This helps you to take advantage of panoramic views from the inside of your home. They are better than other types of windows as light does not just enter from one side only but instead from multiple sides due to the angled pieces.
  • Increased Ventilation – With bow windows, you have multiple usable windows in one. Thus, you can get air from both sides and not just from one. This means that you will be able to get breezes blowing in either direction.
  • Versatile – Usually, these windows are expected in Victorian style homes but they can also be used in modern homes as well. They are usable in multiple rooms, including bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms.

Bow Window Contractors from Wisconsin’s #1 Ranked Remodeler

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