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Beautiful, Practical, Safe Casement Windows

Casement windows are the type of windows that make use of hinges for attaching the window to the frame of the window. These hinges can be found on the side, giving the window the ability to open outwards or inwards, but most of these windows tend to open outwards. They are most often used in pairs in average size rooms but can also be used as single pieces in smaller rooms. They make use of a cam handle, lever, or crank to open them, which also serves the additional purpose of locking the window. Casement windows that open outwards typically use a friction hinge, stay or crank to make sure that they can withstand the wind. The glass panes of these windows are mostly set in a rabbeted frame and are sealed with glazing compound or beveled putty in an effort to ensure that the glass is secure.

Advantages of Casement Windows

  • Maximum Space Efficiency and Ventilation – Usually, these windows open toward the outside, so they allow for the use of space right next to the window inside. With the cranking motion that opens these windows they tend to open wide out and as such allow a great amount of ventilation into a room.
  • Ideal for Hard to Reach Areas – Since you do not need to be standing next to this window to open it due to the fact that it uses a crank, you can place them in areas that are not fully accessible. They are perfect for placement above wide countertops, in the kitchen above the sink, in bathrooms and in any space where you may have something positioned close to the window.
  • Energy-Efficient – Casement windows tend to leak less air because of the type of locking mechanism they use. When cranked shut there is a tighter seal created with the frame and the sash. They also use less glass and will make your home more energy-efficient.
  • Maintenance – Just as these windows are easy to reach, they are also simple to maintain. Since they open all the way you can opt to clean them from the inside of your home or from the outside. You can also disengage the arm hinge so that you can fully access the glass, tracks, hinges and frames for a thorough cleaning.
  • Escape Routes – If you have a basement that needs a window that complies with fire codes, then casement windows are a great option. They can be opened wide and are usually tall, so they are excellent to use as an emergency exit in general, and are not only suitable for basement spaces.

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