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Easy to Clean Double-Hung Windows

When deciding on your next set of windows consider double hung windows, attractive and versatile they combine great looks with inspired functionality that will suit any décor. Double hung windows feature upper and lower window sashes that can open either way. The glass panes are in a single casement and as such, can slide pass each other vertically. The upper sash is usually placed behind the lower sash. These windows usually feature solid panes of glass, as well as the option to have separate lights. You can find them available in a number of colors and materials to suit any taste or preference.

Advantages of Our Double Hung Window

  • Versatile – Double hung windows are suitable for a number of rooms in the house and are as functional as they are stylish. The windows are great for letting in adequate air and light. Also, they are among the most common types of windows because they are so aesthetically pleasing and functional.
  • Quick and Simple Installation – These windows are one of the easiest types of windows to install. That said, you should not attempt to do such a project yourself but instead should have the windows professionally installed. This will make sure that you can enjoy the benefits of your replacement windows for years to come.
  • Durable – These double hung windows can last up to two decades if they are properly installed. Not only will they last that long but they will also be able to function at their peak performance level for the entire period with minimum routine maintenance.
  • Space Saving – This is due primarily to their design. Double hung windows slide instead of opening outwards, upwards or inwards. This gives you the ability to have furniture and other items close to the window inside your home as well as close to the window outside your home.
  • Maintenance and Cleaning – These windows can easily be cleaned since they feature tilt-in functionality, which takes the chore out of cleaning your windows. There are some models that only allow the upper section to tilt but others offer both top and bottom tilting options.
  • Choice – There are a lot of types and finishes for double hung windows. You can find these windows made from aluminum, wood, fiberglass and vinyl. You can also get them with single panes of glass on each side or with multiple panes as well.

Quality Windows from Wisconsin’s #1 Ranked Remodeler

You can make your double hung windows a bit more personal. Even though they have them available with a wide array of choices you can still opt to do some work on them yourself. You can personalize them by painting particular colors that will match or contrast with the color of your house. For added safety, you can add a key stop lock or a locking pin. A key stop lock can be placed on the window to prevent it from being opened or to avoid it from being opened beyond a certain point. A locking pin may provide more security as it goes through both sashes and prevents the lifting of the pane by thieves or intruders. Wisconsin homeowners, contact us today for more information or to schedule your free in home estimate. Or check out our other window options like picture and awning.