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Unique Windows with Large Views

Let the outside in, with a picture window. A well designed picture window can offer an unobstructed view of your surroundings and can be a great source of natural light. Picture windows themselves cannot be opened, and as such they do not provide ventilation benefits. When combined with other types of windows that are operable, they are called combination windows. Combination windows offer homeowners a nice framed view of the outside, while allowing a lot of light in as well as allowing air in from the outside. Picture & combination windows are mainly used in homes that have vaulted or high ceilings. They can be installed over doors or other windows as well as areas where the vault is. These windows serve the purpose of letting in both light and air. Picture combination windows usually have operable windows such as gliding/sliding windows on each side, casement or double hung windows.

Advantages of Our Picture Windows

  • Maintenance Costs – Picture windows cannot open or close as they have no moving parts that are susceptible to wear and breakage. This means that there will be no maintenance costs for replacing or servicing various parts of the window.
  • Purchase Price – Since picture windows do not have any moving parts they are more affordable than others. Picture windows are simply the glass within a frame, while other windows include glass, frame and many other items.
  • Energy-Eficient – These windows let in a lot of light and more light means more warmth. They are great for letting in more warm light in the winter months and help to give your home an upgrade in energy efficiency.
  • Natural Light – Picture & combination windows are usually quite large, so they allow a greater amount of light into any room that they are in. Since they are also mainly glass, even when they are not as big they still let more light in than other types of windows of the same size.

Window Contractors in Madison, Green Bay, and Milwaukee

If you enjoy panoramic views of your outdoor area, then a picture window would be a great frame. They are also ideal for framing gazebo’s, fountains or greenhouses. When choosing picture & combination windows to ensure durability, you should choose those made with frames constructed out of premium grade vinyl. Vinyl is currently the best material for creating windows that are energy efficient, durable and require only minimal maintenance. Contact us today for more information or to schedule your free in home estimate. Or check out our other window options like casement and double hung.