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Upgrade Your Home with Sliding Windows

Sliding windows not only provide a clear view of the outdoors but they also provide a stylish contemporary look that you’re sure to love. Sliding or gliding windows slide open horizontally, and do not have a hinge. There are several types of these windows but the most common style are those with two panes of glass that are framed or have sashes that are mounted and fitted on matching rails. There are a variety of sliding/gliding windows available, and when making your purchase you want to consider the type of material used to make the window, the color and where they are to be placed.

Advantages of Sliding Windows

  • Less Maintenance – Sliding windows have no hinges, cranks or levers, making them easy to maintain. You do not have to worry about springs wearing out or finding replacement parts for these windows.
  • Ideal Location – Since these types of windows do not open inwards, outwards, or in any other direction they will take up less space. Therefore, sliding/gliding windows are ideal for walkways and other areas that have space that cannot be used up by a window as otherwise needed.
  • Visual – These windows tend to be more streamlined in their visual appearance. Since they do not need locking or counterbalancing, they usually do not have bulky frames and as such can fit in some spaces where other types of windows may not. This gives a stately look and makes your home appear taller when they are installed by a professional.
  • Energy-Efficient – Sliding /gliding windows are very energy-efficient. These windows usually are glazed so they are better at keeping outside air out and inside air in. You’ll enjoy a wonderful energy upgrade to your home once your new replacement windows are installed.
  • Particularly Useful for Bathrooms – A small sliding window can give you the necessary privacy you need in your bathroom while still giving you light and ventilation. It is especially useful when you want to get rid of the steam during or after a shower. Sliding/gliding windows also provides a windowsill that can be useful for placing some of your necessary items.
  • Safety – You can easily child proof sliding/gliding windows with a safety lock. If these are not properly secured, small hands can easily open them. Ask the professional windows installer to add a simple locking mechanism for child proofing.

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