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Overall, the process went fairly smooth. There were some hickups on the installation both unknown and caused. Installation took longer than expected due to an isdue found when tub was removed. A vent stack in wall required a different size shower pan to be needed. Not one on the truck. Also a new wall had to be built to accomodate the new size. This was not the installers fault, but caused a days delay. After installation, 3 indentations were founf in the ceiling and walls. Probsbly from moving the panels into place. All fixable, but wish they had told us when it happened. Shower looks great. However, had very little water pressure when used for the first time. Turns out there was sawdust in the inline filter to the shower head. Found that one myself. Plan for an extra day to let the silicone cure before using your shower. Overall we are pleased with our choice of Mad City, with the exception above. Quality of materials is very good. The floor pan is still slippery, even though textured, so we will be putting in some non slip strips on our own. I would recommend them, but check on installation as it goes on.

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