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Bathroom Remodeling Madison

Going Green With Your Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodeling is a very popular way for homeowners to invest in their homes and it is, indeed, a smart investment as well. Going green with your bathroom remodel makes it even better as this will help you to save later down the road. A green bathroom is a cutting edge style that will provide you with a healthier bathroom and home as well as a more comfortable space.

How Much Does Green Bathroom Remodeling Cost?

It is not very easy to give an estimate for a green bathroom. Depending on your budget and how many green remodeling options you want the price can vary. This doesn’t mean that making your bathroom green is expensive or out of your reach. Even if you find that it costs more than your average bathroom remodel remember that you will recoup the costs in savings for both energy and water utilities. There are also savings from using materials that require minimal maintenance and minimal repairs. A healthier home environment also means fewer visits to the doctor which equals more savings. Right away you can see that the cost of green goes far beyond the cost of items to use in your remodel.

Tips for Green Bathroom Remodeling

These tips are good whether you are just replacing some of your bathroom fixtures or if you will be tearing it all down and starting from scratch.

  • Choose faucets and showerheads that reduce the amount of water used in your remodeled bathroom. You can find options that reduce your water usage by as much as 60%!
  • Choose a high efficiency toilet or a low flush toilet that uses 1.6 or less gallons of water than the older models that use up to 7 gallons per flush!
  • Install radiant heating as this is the more energy efficient option and also a healthier option.
  • Remove plumbing from outside walls and insulate it so that there is not too much heat loss as the water travels from the heater to your pipe.
  • If you can afford to, replace your hot water heater with a newer model which is more energy efficient. You can choose from a tank less water heater, heat pump water heaters or fossil fuel water heaters. If that will be too costly you can upgrade your current water heat with the use of a water heater timer, heat traps or an insulation jacket.

Tips for Green Bathroom Remodeling and Creating a Healthier Home

By making your bathroom green you are making your home a healthier place. Most building materials use in the bathroom have byproducts and chemicals that are not safe and that can cause health problems as they can repress our immune systems and cause damage to our nervous system. These tips will help you to create the healthiest possible bathroom – a key part of going green in the bathroom.

  • Do some research on your local water supply and add filters on your showerheads and faucets if necessary. This will help make the water you use on your body and inside your body healthier.
  • Ensure that your ventilation plans are in your design. You want to have appropriate ventilation to ensure that your bathroom does not become a breeding ground for mildew and mold growth. Have an exhaust fan installed and have windows that open up. You can keep them open in warmer months when there is not a lot of moisture outside.
  • Ensure that all the floor and wall coverings you use are water resistant to help in reducing the amount of moisture that accumulates in the room.
  • Choose sealers, adhesives, grouts and paints that are labeled as low-VOC. These ensure that your air quality inside your bathroom and inside your home is better.
  • Avoid items made with particle board or MDF as much as possible. These are often used for the construction of countertops and cabinets but they are also responsible for formaldehyde off gassing. Formaldehyde is a carcinogen. If you must use products made from these materials have them sealed with multiple layers of low to no VOC paint sealer.
  • If you have an older home you may have lead plumbing which you will need to remove.

Beautiful Green bathrooms for Homeowners in Madison, Green Bay, and Milwaukee

Green bathroom remodeling is indeed a smart move in every aspect. You will be able to reduce your energy costs as well as create a healthier environment inside your home, making you home more comfortable and better in many other ways. Remember you don’t have to gut your bathroom to make it green, simple things like changing your shower head or adding an insulating jacket to your water heater are big steps to going green. If you are doing a major job ensure the contractor that you choose is experienced in doing green bathroom remodels for the best and most effective remodel. Contact Mad City baths today for more information on green bathroom remodeling or to schedule your free, in home estimate!