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Replacement Windows from Mad City Windows

Beautiful Replacement Windows for Madison, Green Bay, & Milwaukee Area Homeowners

Replacing your windows is one of the best investments you can make as a homeowner. Not only does it improve the overall look and value of your home, but it improves your home’s energy efficiency. Replacement windows do what their name suggests – they replace your existing windows. Hence a replacement window is a window that you buy and have installed, in an existing window space. A couple of indications that it might be time to replace your windows are: if you’re current window starts to deteriorate, if they become drafty or airy, if they are foggy or ice over and lastly if they become non-functional. But replacement windows may be a wise choice even if your current windows are operating seemingly fine. New windows can provide your home with a much needed energy upgrade. Due to their design, our windows actually allow less energy loss from your home resulting greater overall in-home comfort. They usually feature insulated glass that is thicker than your average window and offer thicker window frames as well.

We Offer the Following Window Styles:

Sliding Windows Madison

Sliding Windows – Sliding windows (sometimes called ‘sliders’) are mainly used in openings that are wide but not very tall. They do not take up any physical space when open and are most suitable close to walkways, patios or decks where space is limited.
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Single Hung Windows Madison

Single Hung Windows – Much like double hung windows, they can be recognized because of the presence of a lower and upper sash but only the bottom sash has the ability to move– sliding up or down to open the window.
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Picture Windows Madison

Picture Windows – Picture windows are fixed windows that can’t be opened. They can be installed with other types of windows such as casement, double hung or gliding windows. When installed with other types of windows they are called combination windows.
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Garden Windows Madison

Garden Windows – This type of window is a great way to upgrade your old kitchen window, it projects from your home and provides a nice shelf for plants or other decorative items. You can have a mini greenhouse in your own home.
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Double Hung Windows Madison

Double Hung Windows – These windows are very popular. You can recognize a double hung window by the lower and upper sash. Both sashes have the ability to move, sliding up or down to open the window.
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Casement Windows Madison

Casement Windows – These windows feature hinges on one side and open outwards. They are usually opened with the use of a hand crank. Casement windows are ideal for small spaces, or as a fire escape in case of a fire.
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Bow Windows Madison

Bow Windows – Bow windows project outwards and create a visual statement from both inside and outside of a home. They use six or so windows in an arc design. They offer a lot of light and a usable space by the window for the display of items in your home.
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Bay Windows Madison

Bay Windows – Bay windows project outwards and create a statement from both in and outside of your home. Using three separate angled windows, they offer lots of light and usable space. Bay windows add square footage as well as usable space.
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Awning Windows Madison

Awning Windows – These windows feature hinges on the top of the window and open outwards. They are usually opened with the use of a hand crank. Awning windows are ideal for small spaces, where the opening outwards works well.
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Energy Efficient Windows for Madison, Green Bay, and the Surrounding Areas

Energy Efficiency is one of our top concerns! Feel free to consult with our professionals to help get the right windows for your home. Mad City Windows is proud to offer Eco Sky Windows. Eco Sky Windows encompass all of the hallmarks of exceptional window design – unsurpassed quality, functional beauty and maintenance freedom – in custom styles to masterfully complement your home’s architecture. Plus, Eco Sky Windows provide an energy upgrade that will make your home interior more comfortable.

Not sure on the window type your home needs? Mad City Windows is your window replacement experts. Contact us today to request a FREE Consultation to assist you in finding the perfect window for your home.