In years past, installing bathroom windows was relatively easy because most of them were a certain shape and very similar in size, allowing for many to be installed after a home was built or if the owner wanted to remodel their existing bathroom. Before installing bathroom windows you need to consider your lifestyle (what you need the windows to do), your bathroom's design, and whether or not you want to do anything special with the windows for privacy reasons.


What sort of things do you see yourself using your bathroom for? Will it be a utilitarian space, used only for the bare essentials with no time spent outside of what is absolutely required? Would you like to promote a more relaxed and spa-like atmosphere? Do you simply want to let a little light and air into your bathroom? When it is time to select your styles before installing bathroom windows, think about what kind of look and feel you would like your bathroom to have. If you have a larger bathroom, larger windows would really help make that space appear even bigger. If you have a smaller bathroom you can still make use of a wide variety of sizes and styles, but your choices might be a bit more limited.


Playing off of the lifestyle choices you are factoring in when installing bathroom windows, you need to consider not only the size but the design of your bathroom. Is it a long room, a short room, wide, just plan small, etc.? The design of your bathroom will have an impact on what kinds of windows you can use there, and will also affect installing bathroom windows depending on where you want the window to go. If a window is going to be placed in an exterior wall it is much easier to work with than if it were against an interior wall, and windows on the 2nd floor are more difficult to install versus those on the ground floor of a home.


Privacy isn't as much of an issue as it used to be, but it is still a concern that affects how people are installing bathroom windows. In the past bathroom windows were small, and placed high up on the wall to prevent anyone from seeing inside while still allowing fresh air and light to enter the bathroom. Times are changing, and now many homeowners are choosing to have larger windows placed at more typical window levels to allow them the opportunity to really enjoy the natural beauty outside of their home and still venting the moisture from the bathroom itself.

If you are having trouble finding a way to incorporate windows into the walls of your bathroom, don't forget to look up! If the design and size of your bathroom doesn't give you a lot to work with, or if you are concerned about privacy but still want to get the most benefit you can from having windows in your bathroom, consider adding skylights or other roof-mounted window types instead of more traditional windows. Skylights will help you vent your bathroom, allow in fresh air and sunlight, and give your bathroom a look and feel that not many others can manage!