Replacement windows are very common but for the average homeowner the task of finding replacement windows themselves may prove to be a hard task. Why? Because the replacement window industry kind off keeps their information under lock and key. One thing is for sure though, if you think those $200 windows you saw in Lowe’s are replacement windows, you better think again – they aren’t. They are new windows and if you were to try to use them as replacement windows you would find the task impossible and even if you got them to fit you will have to do way too much work for it all to work.

So where can you get replacement windows to buy? (and they must say ‘replacement windows’)The answer is to buy from a replacement window company or you can buy online.

Replacement Window Companies

There are two different types of replacement window companies. There are your regular local companies, such as Mad City, and there are your corporate or franchised operations which include Pella, The Home Depot, Empire, Sears or Andersen. Local companies will have a particular manufacturer’s windows or may have a couple manufacturers from which you can choose depending on the size of their business. The larger franchises and corporations may offer better variety but may only install their particular brand or a favored brand that they sell. For example Pella will only install Pella windows. The latter may be the best choice since when you are purchasing replacement windows you want an installer as well. (No you shouldn’t be installing windows yourself unless you are an experience window installing contractor.) If you choose to get with the smaller local guy you may have to find your own installer. They may have their installation guy but you may have to pay for that separately from the price of the window.

Online Replacement Window Supplier

If you do find a website that offers windows for sale online then there are a couple things you need to look at to determine if you really should be doing business with the company. Buying anything at all comes requires research and when it comes to replacement windows you want the best since there is a lot at stake. Here are some things to consider;
  • Examine websites for ease of use and user friendliness. You should be able to see the available types, sizes, colors and should have images to demonstrate each. They should also have in-depth descriptions and specifications for each item.
  • Vital purchasing information should be clearly displayed such as information’s on restrictions, limitations and warrantees. If you can’t find this information easily, that is a red flag and you should go to the next on the list.
  • The products on the website should be varied so that you have a lot of options. The whole point of purchasing online is because there are more options and you can look at more inventories in less time. It should be overall more convenient. A website with limited offerings is a no-no.
  • The information should not be too technical. If you, the average homeowner cannot understand what they are trying to describe then you probably shouldn’t be doing business with them.
  • Check out their customer service. You can start by trying to call them and noting the time it takes for a representative to pick up. You can also send them an email and see how long it takes for them to reply. Try to obtain a quote from them and ask them when you can expect to have it and ensure that they live up to their date.
  • Check the years of service they have under their belt. You also want to check their rating with the Better Business Bureau and find any online reviews you can about the company.

Where to buy your replacement windows is half the journey. When looking for where to buy you may find that there are a number of companies that may seem like ideal suppliers. Ensure that you are the one telling them what types of windows you need to have replaced. Even the most honest salesperson may want to push additional windows but be firm while being courteous at the same time.

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