If you have old windows, you have leaky windows and that’s costing you a great deal of money. Old windows are not just ugly and unattractive, they are not built and designed to save you energy. Years ago, when they were built, there really wasn’t a lot of information on energy savings. Nowadays, we as homeowners want to do everything in our power to cut our crazy high energy bills. One of the biggest ways to do that is to invest in high quality vinyl windows.

Here at Mad City Windows, we have built our good name by doing business in a very simple way. We refuse to put our name on products that are not the best, and we keep our overhead down so that we can offer you fair and honest prices. Our vinyl windows are as energy efficient and durable as they come. If they weren’t, we would simply walk away from them and not carry them. Our vinyl windows will save you substantially each and every month on your energy bills. You will overtime save so much, your windows will pay for themselves. This isn’t going to happen overnight, but over time it will happen!

Here at Mad City Windows, all of our windows come with insulated glass that is thicker than most windows. This feature is very important because it helps keep your air conditioned and heated air inside, where it belongs. When you have old, leaky windows all of your expensive air escapes out the window. So, you end up turning your AC down even lower and your house is still warm and muggy. Plus, on top of that you get sacked with a crazy high energy bill. We are extremely proud of our reputation as the “go-to” company for high-quality products at honest to goodness prices. Even better, we believe we have the most experienced and skilled installers in the business. Wisconsin is our home and we love nothing more than providing our customers with the highest quality windows at the best prices. The highest quality windows, experienced installers and fair and honest prices. That’s our promise for Madison, Green Bay, and all of South Central Wisconsin homeowners.