Once you finally decide to invest in replacement windows, it’s important that you first do a little homework. If you really don't want to spend a lot of time researching different types of window styles (there are quite a few) then make sure you choose a high quality and respected company. If you choose a top notch company, they will make the entire process easy and straight forward. They will walk you through all of your options and take into consideration what style of home you have and what your likes and dislikes are. Here at Mad City Windows, we carry the most top of the line windows in the industry. Our Valley Brook Premium Windows are extremely high quality, exquisitely crafted, and incredibly energy efficient. No matter what window style you choose, our entire fleet will lower your monthly energy bills, while making your home comfortable all year long.

Sliding Windows

Let's start with Sliding windows known to some as “Sliders.” These particular windows are a good choice in openings that are wide but not tall. Because they don't take up a lot of space when they are open they are a good choice when placed near patios, decks or walkways where there isn't a lot of space.

Double Hung Windows

Double Hung Windows are a very popular window style. They are extremely functional and include an upper and lower sash that both move. This enables you to slide them up or down to open your window. These windows are a solid choice for really any type of home but are very popular for traditional styles.

Single Hung Windows

Single Hung Windows. Very similar to double hung windows they do have a lower and upper sash but only the bottom sash has the ability to move up or down to open the window. These windows are popular with Traditional style homes.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are really great for homes where you want to create some architectural detail and an old world sort of charm. These windows contain hinges on one side and open outwards with a hand crank.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are fixed windows which means they cannot ever be opened. They are often installed with other types of windows and provide a great view! These are a great choice no matter what type of home you have.

Garden Windows

Garden windows are the perfect addition to upgrade your old and non-functioning kitchen window. This window includes a shelf for displaying your favorite herbs or plants.

Bay Windows

Bay windows project outwards and really draw attention because of the beauty they provide. These particular windows use three separate angled windows, which create an abundance of natural light and space.

Bow Windows

Like Bay windows, Bow windows project outwards as well. Using six or more windows in an arc design, these attractive windows bring in a lot of natural light while creating space.

No matter what window style you choose, as long as you first select a high quality company you will make a wise investment that will save you money. Here at Mad City Windows, our reputation speaks for itself. For years, we have been providing homeowners in the entire Milwaukee, Madison and Green Bay area with exceptional, energy saving windows. If you truly want the best, look no further than Mad City Windows.