Doors are a very important feature for your home. When choosing a new door, it's important that you select a door that is secure and will protect your family from intruders. If a door that you are considering is not secure and doesn't have any safety features, you should keep looking. The next door feature that you should pay close attention to is how energy efficient the door is. So, what makes a door energy efficient? What types of materials should you be paying close attention to? Good questions.

A truly energy efficient door will be Energy Star certified and will contain multiple glass panes that contain double or even triple-paned insulating glass. This is important to reduce heat flow. An Energy Star Certified door will contain smart core materials such as wood cladding, fiberglass, and steel with polyurethane foam core. A good, energy efficient door will also contain tight fitting weather stripping. Look for doors that contain a magnetic stripping that reduces air leakage around the edges as well. This is very important because a leaky door will cost you a great deal of money.

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