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Entry Doors Madison

Beautiful Front Doors for Homeowners in the Greater Madison, Green Bay, and Milwaukee Areas

Making your house look its best does take a bit of effort. One way you can enhance the look of your home without much work is by replacing your entry door. Entry doors are just what their names suggests – doors that provide entry access to a home. You will find these in single or double door designs. Many times these doors have windows or glass panes on either side and even to the top to add aesthetic appeal. We provide doors with many finishes and various materials such as wood, steel or fiberglass.

Even if you do not choose a door made from wood, you will be able to find one of the other materials that mimic the wood appearance.  These doors are your first line of defense from thieves, so you want to select a door that is durable, strong and not one that is simply affordable. Our doors are also extremely energy efficient. There are multiple layers of glass as well as special coats applied to reflect UV rays from sunlight. Additionally, gases are injected into the glass panes to provide added insulation and energy efficiency.

Advantages of Our Entry Doors:

  • Security –Once they are locked, you are safe within the walls of your home knowing you have a sturdy door that can withstand lock-picking and attempts to kick it in.
  • Curb Appeal – Increase the aesthetics of the front of your home. You can find doors in matching or contrasting colors, as well as detailed finishes that match your home’s trim.
  • Energy-Efficiency – Another advantage to getting rid of your old door that has been on your home for the past twenty years is that newer doors have more energy-efficient features.
  • Durable– Not only can our doors protect against criminals; they are a great layer of protection between your home and the sometimes harsh outdoor weather in the Madison area.

Exterior Door Experts in South Central Wisconsin

We have a wide range of door options including fiberglass, steel and wood. Fiberglass offers a lot of variety to homeowners. Doors made from this material will last you a lot longer than wood or steel doors and they are virtually maintenance free. These doors can last for up to 20 years without requiring repainting or touch-ups. Steel doors offer you the advantage of affordability. They offer a little more protection from vandalism, theft and bodily harm than wood or fiberglass doors, but only last an average of five to seven years.

If you want a high-end look, then wood entry doors would definitely be your first choice. They do involve a lot of maintenance to keep them in tip-top shape such as yearly refinishing to prevent warping and splitting of the wood but if taken care of properly, will look great for years to come.At Mad City Windows we put the customer first. Homeowners in Madison, Green Bay, Milwaukee, and the surrounding areas request a FREE CONSULTATION today to learn more about all of our home improvement options.